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Doors Installation and Repair Service in Long Island, New York

Refreshing your home is as easy as a front door update! Quick Roof and Siding installs customized entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, and interior doors.

Tailored to your unique style, installing a new door will transform your home! Not only will it add value to your property, but also keep you and your loved ones protected from harsh weather elements, increase the aesthetic appeal of your property, and offer many more benefits! If you also wish to get door installation service across Long Island at competitive pricing, reach out to us today!

Storm Doors

This type offers plenty of benefits, including extra insulation, protection from weather elements such as strong winds or storms, and ventilation benefits. Add a layer of security and enjoy natural light with our storm door installation services in Long Island, NY. Available in durable, scratch-resistant materials, this type is the perfect, secure addition to your entrance with no compromise on style.

Patio Doors Long Island

Patio Doors

Accessing the patio should be effortless and obstruction-free. A smoothly operating patio door encourages healthy usage without hassle. The right team can transform heavy, old-fashioned patio doors into a beautiful sliding feature. Hence, you should call professionals for the installation of this type of property element.

Garage Doors Long Island

Garage Doors

This type can add extra security to your garage. Whether you park the car in your garage or utilize the space for other purposes, the garage door must be quiet and automated for convenience. It should also be attractive and match your home. Let our team install affordable, engaging, and efficient options.

ecurity Doors Long Island

Security Doors

Consider adding a security door to your home or office. Prioritize security and safety for your loved ones and prized possessions with our highly efficient, advanced security doors. Whether you want to install it at your residential building or commercial property, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to install this type of property element.

Entry Doors Long Island

Entry Doors

The first step to curb appeal is great entry doors! This type can help boost your property’s value, save energy, add security to your space, offer privacy and light, and much more. Let us help you make the most of your home. Our wide range of this property element can be customized with any paint or stain and tailored to your style with various hardware finishes.

Interior Doors Long Island

Interior Doors

Update any room in your home with a beautiful interior door. We offer a range of styles to match your existing design or transition to something new. Add more style to your home by updating the bedroom, bathroom, or sliding glass options.

Long Island Door Contractors

Door Installation and Repair Contractors Long Island, New York

Our skilled team brings the tools, materials, and equipment needed to build your home the magnificent doors it deserves. Our experienced contractors can consider your home’s interior design to design a grand entrance that inspires awe at every look.

Alternatively, you can choose an incredibly unique design. Whatever your heart desires, from fiberglass storm to French options for the perfect backyard view, we can make it possible.

Choose Quality Services with us.

Our comprehensive services focus on longevity and attention to detail. We are committed to delivering uncompromised quality in the shortest time frame possible.

Choose unflinchingly efficient installation and maintenance services for this property element with Quick Roof and Siding in Long Island, New York.


A professional may include the following-

  • necessary hardware (such as handles, locks, and hinges)
  • weatherstripping for insulation
  • frame
  • precise measurements and alignment, and
  • Sealing or finishing

Yes, we specialize in offering exceptional door replacement services at competitive pricing. We have a wide range of options available. Based on your requirements, we can replace this existing property element with a brand-new one.

Generally, it’s good to look for its maintenance services. Regular maintenance can help prevent the chances of severe damage to this property element and reduce the need for its replacement before its expiry date.

Generally, if these property elements are well maintained, they can last for 20 or more years. Depending on the damages caused by harsh weather or daily wear and tear, you may need to replace it before 20 years.

It’s best to get professional inspection services from experts. They will let you know if you need to install a new one. Generally, you should look for its installation services if you observe the following signs in this old property element-

  • Loose on its hinges
  • It has drafts
  • Stick when you open or close
  • Show the presence of cracks or breaks
  • Severely damaged by harsh weather conditions
Installation of Storm Doors, Patio Doors, Garage Doors, Security Doors, Entry Doors, Interior Doors Long Island, New York
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Installation of Storm Doors, Patio Doors, Garage Doors, Security Doors, Entry Doors, Interior Doors Long Island, New York
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