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Residential windows are inexplicably vital features that impact the cosmetic appeal of your home both from the inside and outside. Your home's windows make as much of a statement as your beautiful doors do. What happens when windows start to show signs of wear and damage? Most homeowners think replacing old windows with a new and different design is better for the property and their budget. However, that may not be the case. Below, Quick Roof and Siding experts share their expert opinions on why replacing may only be beneficial for some homes; instead, rebuilding is something to consider.

Q.1 Why is rebuilding windows better for your home?

Older properties with exclusive windows and doors should get the windows custom rebuilt. Rebuilding windows is particularly beneficial for old homes due to their architectural style. The same design, material, and fitting of the windows suit the property best. Other merits of rebuilding instead of replacing windows include:
  • Rebuilding windows can restore vintage and timeless designs like wavy glass, stained glass art, etc. These elements are worth preserving.
  • The craftsmanship of older properties is responsible for their longevity due to material quality and the craftsman's expertise. Older windows were made to last; hence, rebuilding can be more cost-effective over time than simply replacing them.
  • Custom rebuilt windows match the property's architecture.
  • Rebuilding also elevates the property's aesthetic, giving it a lived-in look. This is an excellent strategy if you're planning to sell your property and need a little retouching of the worn-out features.

Q.2 When is replacing more beneficial?

Replacing windows is much more straightforward than rebuilding and perfectly matching the design. Replacing windows is a better option when you're doing a complete overhaul, renovating the whole theme, and making internal changes to the structure, etc. Replacing also brings some significant advantages, like:
  • Replacing windows is more cost-efficient than rebuilding them since the materials, craftsman, and design are labor-intensive and can cost twice as much as a straightforward replacement. So, if you have a tight budget and want to elevate the curb appeal on a relatively new home style, replacing will save time and money.
  • Replacing old and damaged windows with newer styles is also beneficial in lowering energy costs. Older window designs and materials lack modern heating and cooling technology. New energy-efficient window styles are designed for contemporary homes and reduce energy bills.
  • Replacing old windows with modern ones can make your property eligible for more home warranties, tax credits, and rebates.
Replacing windows is a major money-saving consideration. Schedule a consultation with one of our window specialists to explore your options.